5 jobs you can get with only your matric certificate

Matriculation is an important aspect of obtaining a job. If you have recently graduated and are not sure what path to take, read some more to uncover alternatives.

There is no question that obtaining a higher education would certainly open several career opportunities for you.

But, just because you lack a higher education does not limit you from pursuing possibilities.

Nevertheless, there are several profitable employment avenues you can pursue with just your matriculation diploma and finish your studies afterwards.

Here are some options you may explore:

1. Digital marketer

A digital marketer works on marketing efforts to help maintain a brand. Their responsibilities include conducting market research, brainstorming with other marketing experts, and developing content to help marketing efforts succeed.

Short courses on this career are available across many universities and colleges in the country. As a digital marketer, you can earn from R102 000 a year to upwards of R575 000.

2. Fine artist

A fine artist produces unique artistic work in a number of genres, including painting, drawing, sculpture, video, film and performance.

If you naturally have a knack for any of these mediums, you can turn your passion into a career by tapping into your talent. While many artists do have university degrees, not all do.

Reportedly, the highest price ever paid for a South African painting is Irma Stern’s Arab Priest, which sold for a mind-blowing R52 303 600.

3. E-hailing driver

An e-hailing driver uses his or her own vehicle to pick up passengers and drive them to preferred destinations in the city or even further. If you have a car or motorcycle, you can register on platforms such as Uber, Bolt, DiDi and more.

All you will need is a driver’s licence and a clean criminal record. You may earn between R88 171 and R154 000 a year.

4. Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who starts a new business, bearing most of the risks and reaping the majority of the gains.

Yes, I know not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, but many individuals have created empires by taking this route.

To start a business, you must first create a business plan (a document setting out a business’s future objectives and strategies for achieving them), have start-up capital (what you will use to pay for any or all of the required expenses), and be decisive in the choices you make.

Experts say that the money you can make as an entrepreneur depends on what type of venture you start, how in demand it is, and how well you market it to your consumers.

5. Make-up artist

A make-up artist applies cosmetic goods and procedures to enhance or change the appearance of a person.

Make-up artists use a variety of materials, including eyeshadow, eye-liner, concealer, foundation, lipstick, and mascara, as well as application tools to apply items to the face and body.

The make-up industry is huge, and the global market is worth hundreds of billions. If you love this type of art, go ahead and refine your skills through resources such YouTube so that you can stand out from the competition when you launch your business.

You can also elect to do a short course at a cosmetology/beauty school where you can be taught the latest techniques of applying make-up and other beauty essentials.

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