5 sexual health problems that put young women at high risk

This condition occurs when germs enter the urinary tract and start to multiply leading to complications such as inflammation and pain. Infections in the urinary bladder may spread to the upper part of the urinary tract or the kidneys. Since women have a shorter urethra, urinary tract infection is commonly experienced among women. Symptoms of UTI include frequent urination, blood in the urine along with burning pain while urinating.

In conclusion,  young women face several issues related to their reproductive health which puts them at a higher risk. It is important to be informed and remain cautious when it comes to your body. Every minor or major symptom should never be left untreated hence women should be encouraged to go for annual checkups and consult a doctor to ensure all round health development. By addressing these issues, we can ensure that young women have the support they need to maintain their reproductive health and well-being.”

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