Bahd Josh – Biography

Bahd Josh - Biography

Bahd Josh – Biography

Joseph Ibe is a passionate, fast-rising and multitalented music artist who through his great singing and rapping skills has held the magic key to which the most tightly closed heart opens.

Bahd Josh - Biography

He goes with the stage name Bahd Josh and has currently produced two singles, Bahd Josh and All alone whilst still working on the third one with hopes of creating an everlasting weapon of war against unhappiness.

Joseph’s love for music especially rap music started when he was still in secondary school where he often freestyles and had since then lingered.

He has performed in many places, alone and with many prominent artists. He has officiated as a judge in some rap competitions and had often been invited for interviews, a most recent one was with the weplay-beat studio, where he performed a mind-blowing freestyle.

He wouldn’t mind being signed by a good record rebel as he is currently an unsigned artist who has a lot of role models he looks forward to working with in the future.

Joseph Ibe is born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Ibe in Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria. He shares same town with  Obi Cubana, a popular Nigerian entrepreneur and business mogul who chairs the Cubana Group. Although he currently resides in Awka.

Joseph holds a bachelor’s degree in Political science and National Diploma in Banking and finance from Tasian university and Imo state polytechnic respectively.

Besides making great music, Joseph is an enormous banker, recognized for his admirable leadership skills, rounded out by his polite and gentle nature. He is a person that knows how to lighten up a room with his never-ending sense of humors.

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When he isn’t drawing or painting, He is either educating people or learning new things.
He is very fluent in Hausa, Igbo and English.

To Joseph music is not just an art but a language that opens the secret of life, bringing peace and abolishing strife, because where word fails, music speaks!


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Bahd Josh - Biography Bahd Josh - Biography Bahd Josh - Biography Bahd Josh - Biography

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