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Basic tips to practice when trying to land a record deal.
By on November 25th, 2021. Entertainment

Are you an upcoming artist? have you been trying to get a record deal to no avail? Then worry no more, this article covers different ways and all you need to know to get a record deal as an upcoming artist.

Do you have music that you think would be a hit? As an upcoming artist, I know you might be wondering how established artists got to where they are and how the actual stated and landed record deals.

In this article, I’d show you a sure-proof method to follow as an upcoming artist. It might seem a little bit difficult and requires persistence plus hard work.


There are some factors to consider before sorting for a record deal, which are;

•Quality Music.

Music is the essence of all these, therefore making sure your song is captivating and beautiful. You should make it a point that your song is awesome and is mind-blowingly.

As an upcoming artist, whenever you have music and you are sure it’s ready to be released to the world, then send it to someone for professional feedback.

A good music requires professional criticism, try and get opinions from different professionals before releasing it to the world.

•Use polished recording equipment to produce good sounds.

After making sure your song is beautiful and ready for the world, make sure your song is the best it can be, mastering and mixing like a pro.

Add all the final touches needed to make your song perfect, even if you are an upcoming artist, you can search for practical videos on YouTube to learn how to produce a decent mix, or get a professional audio engineer.

By doing all these, you’d be assured of an amazing song presentable to any record label.


The impression your music gives out is highly important and relevant when you are trying to get signed under a record label.

When as an upcoming artist you land a record label that’s willing to listen to your song, the first impression you give them when presenting your song matters a lot.

As an artist, when you present your song in a professional and captivating way, then you are assured of intriguing them.

here are few things to consider in order to make a unique impression;


Set up official social media accounts using your stage name on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and instagram.

Inter link all the social media accounts, and make sure all your accounts have links to your other profiles, and your working email.

Furthermore, if you have a manager of your own, then you could include all the informations required and that of the agents working for your brand.


As an upcoming artist, you should have an official website where you’d showcase your skills and upload all your doings on the website. Acquiring a website isn’t expensive, you could get a domain for as least as $3.

You can design the website to suit your taste, and the style you want to present.

• Branding.

To be successful in the music industry, you should have a well established organization that is capable of visually representing your brand.

Your brand should have a unique logo, and some photographs showing what your brand represents.

You should make sure they are all set up correctly, as an upcoming artist you should never settle for a mediocre design as that could portray your brand badly and could affect your brand.

You need a professional graphic designer, that can specifically produce the perfect design that can represent your brand.


To increase your chances of getting signed as an upcoming artist, you should understand how the record label works, the criteria the label considers.

When you understand the record label from a professional point, you’d have more chances of get signed under label because you have knowledge on all the factors to consider.

Record labels are business organization that are interested in making profit, so as an upcoming artist you need to up your game to the toppest.

These organizations cater for all the artist needs such as marketing, design, distribution e.t.c and therefore need revenue to cover all the needs.

As you know record labels maximize profit through selling music, garnering royalties from platforms( these are profits made when people stream music under their labels), and also through hosting.

It could either be underground or mainstream. You should consider the type of artists been signed, your fan base, skilled marketing.

The more you get yourself familiarized with all these ,the better your chances of getting signed under the record label.

• A&R method.

A lot of reputable record labels get to receive of artists with amazing demos looking to get signed. They are known for having Artist & Repertoire which stands for A&R’s working under them.

These are professionals that hunt for talents and listen to demos from these artists. Labels that are mostly sorted out for such as OWSLA, Spinning records e.t.c receive over a 100 request on a daily basis.

However, other more reputable labels go through their record demos just once each month, others don’t even go through them entirely. Some other labels just find talent and sign them through their networks.


It is of utmost important that you know what exactly you are going after which are all stated above, before starting the deal.

•Lastly, make a list of the record labels you’d want to sign a record deal with. It is important to note that this labels should be compatible with the type of music you sing.

It wouldn’t make sense to send them to labels different from your genre.

For each label you are interested in ,find their Twitter, Facebook, instagram and email address.


The above are the basic necessity to look out for, before sending a pitch to any record label to get signed.

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