Grimes Wants To Be ‘Less Accessible,’ She Explained On Twitter

Grimes has long been an independent thinker, and lately, she appears to have spent more time pondering big-picture ideas than she has making music (the latter of which is a “side quest” at this point in her life). While explaining that recently, she said she doesn’t want “the attention an album brings,” which lines up with another thought she just shared, about how she’s trying to make herself “less accessible.”

In a tweet shared yesterday (March 8), Grimes wrote, “A / acc (Aligned acceleration)? (Other Ideas ?) How can I convince ye to pursue *all* pillars of acceleration x simultaneously buff alignment research 1000x? (Requesting mentats) (literally),” with “mentats” perhaps referring to the item from the Fallout video games that increases mental capabilities.

In response, one fan wrote, “Your’e talking above your target audience. Try being normal, it’s not such a bad concept.” To that, Grimes replied, “I don’t have a target audience. A large audience is counter productive and I purposefully seek to make myself infinitely less accessible. I always add the art for ppl who won’t care abt the tweet tho becuz it’s wrong to totally waste ppls time.”

Another user responded, “grimes hope u dont mind a suggestion if u wanna get ur fans onboarded onto the AI hype train give them the context they need to make sense of the AI stuff.” Grimes replied, “Not sure if I shud delete this still? Unclear if big audience helpful vs harmful? happy to make ideas bigger but it can be traumatic for ppl to be exposed to music stan culture with no warning haha.”

As for what Grimes means by “alignment,” she wrote in another tweet, “I define alignment as ‘better understanding what’s happening inside the computer mind or better understanding how to optimize it to at least not shorten the life span of bio consciousness too early’ – I think it’s worth discussing ways to make that potentially happen faster or improve synchronization w ai development.”

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