Insecurity: Buhari’s silence worries Nigerians

Insecurity: Buhari's silence worries Nigerians

Many Nigerians are baffled by President Muhammadu Buhari’s continuous silence in the face of worsening insecurity in the country.

So many questions are being raised by Nigerians concerning the current leadership.

Some believe that the President has shut his door, gone to bed and is not even aware of the ‘banging’ on his door as Nigerians call for help over widespread insecurity.

Despite daily reports of killings, kidnappings and economic downturn, President Buhari has not addressed the nation either through a televised speech or on a live television which Nigerians have not seen for many years.

Imoloaded recalls that President Buhari addressed the nation last on New Year Day, when he pledged to tackle security problems, revive the economy and distribute coronavirus vaccines.

In his nearly 20-minute televised address then, Buhari said his government would take a different approach to key issues in 2021.

Nigerians are now asking pertinent questions on hhat is happening to their president.

For the last 5 months of pain, anguish and hunger in Nigeria, Buhari has not spoken to Nigerians with many people wondering why this is so.

The South East and South South are gradually becoming war-zones, agitations for Oduduwa Republic are high in the Southwest, the suffering in the North has continued unabated with Boko Haram and bandits taking over communities.

The current economic hardship resulting to high prices of goods and services has become worrisome to Nigerians including civil servants.

Some Nigerians spoke to imoloaded on the streets of Abuja and expressed their views on the current situation in the country.

Some people feel it would take absolutely nothing for Buhari to address Nigerians as Presidents of other countries do in time of emergency to calm things down especially now that the drum of war and disunity is beating across the country.

Kingsley Edet, a resident of Abuja, believes that the voice of a leader is needed at a time like this to turn things around. According to him, “Yes, the President might have been holding meetings with service chiefs and meeting people in Aso Rock but that doesn’t announced his presence. The President should, from time to time address his people even when things are normal. Can’t he for once learn from the US Presidents. What does it take to even go live on social media or go to NTA and address Nigerians?”

For Obiageri Nwofor, a trader, “the President has become insensitive to the plight of Nigerians. He’s now like a father who watches his family being beaten by a stranger while he sits and watch. Nigeria is burning, poor people no longer buy anything from the market and yet our President doesn’t talk.”

Oluwadare Osonde, a political analyst, said that “President Buhari is compiling all that is happening right now and will address them on May 12. He does not see the need or urgency to address Nigerians at this point. Sorry I have to say this, it seems the President is not allowed to get hold of newspapers or watcb television stations that broadcast the true state of things in the country. So he doesn’t see the need to talk to Nigerians.”

Imoloaded reported at the weekend, that Ahmed Gulak, a former Political Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was murdered in Imo State.

Gulak was shot dead by gunmen in Owerri, between Saturday night and the wee hours of Sunday with the Police accusing Nnamdi Kanu’s Eastern Security Network (ESN) fighters of killing the politician.

In another sad development, over 200 students were kidnapped from Islamiyya School at Tegina in Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State at the weekend.

One person was shot dead while another was critically injured during the operation, as imoloaded reported.

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