Interview: Paxton On Her New Single ‘Touch and Go’, Growth, Her Upcoming Album + More

Cape Town Pop star Paxton is back with a new single titled ‘Touch and Go’ in which she tells a lover to get their act together over a vibey Afrobeats-leaning instrumental that also makes use of Amapiano’s log drum. It seems the few years of quiet were a period of reinvention for the Idols winner and hitmaker as she assures us she’s more aligned with the core of who she is as an artist and individual. 

In the interview below, Paxton discusses ‘Touch and Go’, her upcoming project and how she sees herself today. 

How did ‘Touch and Go’ come about and what was the inspiration behind the song?  

‘Touch and Go’ was inspired by a conversation I had with one of my friends about how difficult and complex dating can be in this day and age especially as a young professional who is focused on her/his career and goals. It was the first song the team and I started working on and everything happened so organically. We wanted the message of the song to be one that everyone could relate to but also something that I have personally experienced. It was definitely such a fun song to create, and sparked so many other funny and interesting conversations and that energy is definitely felt when listening to the song. 

You dropped your debut in 2018. Five years is a long time in pop music. How is Paxton today different from Paxton in 2018? 

When I dropped my first project in 2018 I was 17 and still trying to find my feet in the industry. Everything was new to me and I needed a lot of guidance. I didn’t really know exactly who I wanted to be at the time, I only had an idea and ran with it. At this moment in time, I am in the best space I’ve ever been creatively and feel more aligned with the core of who I am and who I want to be not only as an individual but as an artist as well. 

What’s the difference in approach between your first project and your upcoming album? 

The approach with my first project in 2018 was predominantly pop with elements of different sounds and genres. This project is predominantly Afrobeats with elements of Amapiano, House and other different sounds and genres.

How would you say you’ve been able to live beyond the Idols hype and grow into an individual artist? 

I would definitely say being consistent, being authentic and true to who I am and focusing on growing and evolving as an artist played a huge role in this transition.

Stream ‘Touch and Go’ by Paxton below:

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