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Jadakiss has detailed the creation of his iconic laugh. During an interview with the I AM ATHLETE podcast, the LOX rhymer spoke about how he implemented the laugh to break up his verses. 

The acclaimed emcee also described his raspy voice as something that needed a bit of a break throughout his songs, and his signature laugh was the perfect way to break up the monotony.

His engineer first realized that his laugh was ill enough to be his trademark soundbite. 

“My engineer, [Dragan ‘Chach’ Cacinovic], I think he’s from Croatia. Ruff Ryders introduced us to him, and he worked with us for years,” Kiss explained. “I was recording some verses, and my voice is so raspy sometimes, I’m clogged up, I would do that as a tension breaker to clear my throat and my voice before I’m about to do the verse.”

“[I] never intended on him keeping it. So I do it, I get out to come heat the verse and he kept it! I’m like, ‘What’s that?’ ‘Nah, you gotta leave that.’ I’m like, ‘iight.’ So then I just started doing it and people started loving it! Aunties coming up to me in the morning, ‘Hey, ain’t you that boy who make that sound?’ Then it just became my signature trademark.”

Elsewhere, Jadakiss has been hard at work with his family coffee business. 

According to an official press release, Kiss Café represents three generations of legacy, loyalty, and a shared love for coffee. 

Jada’s father Bob Phillips has been involved in the coffee industry since 1977. Since 1998, Phillips has served as president and CEO of Caturra Corp., a boutique importing and trading firm specializing in international green coffees.

Watch the recent episode above.

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