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HBO’s Insecure wrapped in December 2021 after five emotional and hilarious seasons, but fans feel like they didn’t get enough, despite Issa and Lawrence’s happy ending. Jay Ellis, who played Lawrence, spoke about what would need to happen to revive the show in the future.

“When the time is right, if I’m asked back one hundred percent I’d go play Lawrence every day,” the 41-year-old told E! News. When asked if reviving the show could work, the Top Gun: Maverick actor spoke about the matter of time passing in the characters’ lives.

“One hundred percent. I think with a little bit of time,” Ellis said. “These characters, we saw a lot of life. We saw a lot of growth. I think they need to live a little bit.”

Of course, the decision lies in the hands of Insecure creator and main star Issa Rae. “You gotta ask Issa, man […] She can give you that answer. If I tell you yes, then she’s going to call me tomorrow and I’m going to be in a lot of trouble.”

The Escape Room actor also revealed that despite the show wrapping over a year ago, the cast remains in close contact. “There’s a lot of group threads from Insecure […] That was the amazing thing about that show. Whether it’s guest cast, whether it’s the regulars, whether it’s people who were on the show at the beginning and not later or vice versa, the writers, there were a lot of group threads.”

Issa has kept busy since Insecure closed up shop, and recently appeared at the NAACP Image Awards as one of the presenters. While she had to recently silence rumors about a fake show titled Confident, her actual show Rap Sh*t was renewed for a second season by HBO Max in September 2022.

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