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Jim Jones believes that people need to learn about how Dipset got its start. The 46-year-old teased releasing a television series telling the legendary rap group’s story.

The Harlem rapper joined DJ Self on this talk show APT 5H and was clearly inspired by the environment he was in. “You got a talk show, I’m about to give you the Dipset 5H TV series,” Capo said. “I think I’ma do that ‘cause the sh*t that went on in 5H before we became the players we were, you ni**as need to see.”

Though The Diplomats came from humble beginnings, the “We Fly High” rapper reflected fondly on those early days as a group. “We was reckless. Young, dumb and stupid, but we was having a ball.”

Jones has had plenty to say about his rap collective as of late. He appeared on FlipDaScript podcast in early February and stated that it was Dipset, not G-Unit, who started the mixtape movement in rap in the early 2000s.

“We started the mixtape movement, right? And it wasn’t a crew mixtape. We were making real albums and putting them out as mixtapes. G-Unit was doing replays of other people’s beats and making mixtapes.”

He was very intentional about clarifying the differences in what they did and the timelines that existed. “It was a big difference. We was using our mixtapes as albums to promote our real albums, and off those mixtapes, we were taking singles that the people started loving and started putting them on our real albums […] We put the Dipset mixtape out first before G-Unit put their mixtape out. Now go Google it.”

50 Cent, not one to go silent, found a clip of Jones’ statement on the @thehiphopwolf Instagram account and commented “he lying LOL.”

Watch Jim Jones’ appearance on FlipDaScript below.

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