Lamiez Holworthy – “Stop asking me for money”

Lamiez Holworthy – “Stop asking me for money”

Lamiez Holworthy warns people to stop coming to her DMs to beg for money.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the DJ explained that she also has responsibilities to deal with and she worked hard to get the money.

“Haowa Mara waitsi. Please stop asking me for money. I too need the very money you’re asking for and DON’T have it. I also have responsibilities. I too am stressed- we all live in this shitty economy. It’s hard for us all,” she wrote.

Lamiez further revealed that some of these people ask for things like designer clothing and things that are not trivial.

“The worst? When you guys ask for trivial things like designer clothing, for me to fund your parties and baby showers. None of those things are a necessity!”

“We all work hard for the little that we have, and when we don’t have we patiently wait our turns,” she concluded.

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