Lizzo Says Transphobia Is “Rooted In Racism” –

Lizzo took to Twitter to criticize “complicit silence” in the fight against bigotry. The Special singer tweeted on Wednesday (March 8) to point out the connection between transphobia and racism, questioning why people began believing such hateful ideologies.  

“Transphobia is lookin real rooted in racism right about now,” the “About Damn Time” artist expressed. “I’ve never heard a person say why they’re racist…or fatphobic.. I’ve never heard a reason why someone is transphobic..I think if we knew ‘why’ these people felt this way there would [be] way less support for these ideals. Because the ‘why’ is more insidious than we realize.”

The Grammy-winning star later hypothesized that “complicit silence and apathetic participation” are things that “wouldn’t fly” if people were more educated.

This isn’t the first time the Detroit-born artist spoke out against discriminatory beliefs. In March 2022, during a keynote conversation at SXSW, the “2 Be Loved” entertainer called out Texas’ anti-transgender legislation and abortion policies. 

“I’m proud to rep Houston, but I’m not proud to rep Texan politics right now. There are very regressive laws being passed,” she said according to NBC. “They’re taking away the right for young children to have a chance to live authentically as themselves. It’s a violation of human rights. Trans rights are human rights.”

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