Mack 10 Says He And Ice Cube Haven’t Talked In Nearly 20 Years –

Mack 10 recently revealed that he and Ice Cube haven’t seen or spoken to one another in nearly 20 years.

During an interview with Bootleg Kev, the Cali native was asked about the fallout between him and his former groupmate. According to Mack, he holds no grudges against Cube, but isn’t going out of his way to reconcile with the rap legend either.

“I f**k with who f**k with me, you dig? That’s where I’m at with it. If you f**k with me, I f**k with you. But if it’s f**k me, it’s f**k you,” Mack said in reference to the current state of he and Cube’s relationship. “I ain’t seen him or talked to him in damn near 20 years, so there it is,” he added.

The “Connected for Life” rapper has opened up about his differences with Cube in the past, which he claims stems from a physical altercation between himself and Cube’s brother-in-law over a monetary dispute. “It was just an unfortunate situation, as far as what came out of all that,” Mack told DJ Vlad in 2020. “It ain’t like that just happened … I went to Cube about four or five times before the conflict jumped off and told him to correct the situation. That’s the part that everybody leaves out.”

He continued, adding he feels that Cube should’ve put business before his personal feelings. “If it was my wife’s brother, I would’ve told him he can’t f**k my money up and he can’t be out of line with nobody I’m getting down with. And if you got that big of a problem with him, stay at home. My wife’s brother wouldn’t have stopped sh*t for me, with him.”

Westside Connection Wearing Oakland Raiders Jerseys

Hip-hop supergroup Westside Connection photographed at Irwindale Speedway on November 16, 2003 in Irwindale, California.

Gregory Bojorquez/Getty Images

Mack 10 was first introduced to the rap world by Ice Cube on his 1994 track “What Can I Do? (Remix),” releasing his gold-certified self-titled debut album the following year. Along with WC, Ice Cube and Mack 10 formed the trio Westside Connection, dropping their platinum debut Bow Down in 1996. The group reunited in 2003 for the comeback album Terroristic Threats, which achieved gold-certification before Mack’s departure from the fold.

Mack 10, Ice Cube, WC

Rappers Mack 10, Ice Cube (aka O’Shea Jackson) and WC of Westside Connection visit “Yo! MTV Raps” on November 28, 1996 in New York City.

Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives

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