Nkosazana Daughter Releases New Single ‘Ring Ring Ring’

Nkosazana Daughter has released her much-anticipated single, ‘Ring Ring Ring’ alongside Master KG, Lowsheen and Murumba Pitch.

Last month, Nkosazana Daughter took to socials to share a Tik-Tok of herself lip-syncing the chorus of the now new song. The video was well-received and became a viral sound on Tik-Tok.

‘Ring Ring Ring’ tells the story of a collapsing relationship where the love isn’t reciprocated as Nkosanaza Daughter sings about her lover who is not picking up the phone when she calls. She expresses that he does not hear her cries, however, is accepting of the fact that the love could be over.

Murumba Pitch responds to Nkosazana’s verse as the partner on the other side of the call who dismisses her cries by saying that he is working, however, reassures her that he loves her.

Nkosazana places her soothing vocals over the log drum while Murumba Pitch tops the record off with his pleasant-sounding responsive verse. 

Stream ‘Ring Ring Ring’ below:

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