Third Person From GloRilla Concert Stampede Confirmed Dead –

A third fatality has now been reported following GloRilla’s concert that took place on Sunday (March 5), at Rochester, New York’s Main Street Armory. The concert, which ended in a fatal crowd stampede unfortunately resulted in three casualties. Rapper Finesse2Tymes was also on the bill for the show, although he wasn’t present at the venue.

According to Associated Press, a 35-year-old woman named Aisha Stephens has also passed after spending days in the hospital. Per outlet, Stephens was in critical condition following the incident as the other two deceased women died shortly after the concert. Seven other attendees suffered minor injures.

Following the fatal concert, the venue’s entertainment license hasn’t be renewed by the city of Rochester. Reportedly, the Main Street Armory will be under criminal and regulatory investigation.

As GloRilla immediately expressed her condolences and devastation following the incident, Finesse2Tyme initially received backlash for seeming “cold” with his response to the deaths.

“Shty crazy, Wunt even there, Folks want me to lose so bad [face palm emoji] Why?” the “Back End” spitter initially wrote at the time on Instagram.

“When it go on anywhere else, don’t nobody get blamed,” he told TMZ this week. “When it go on in my show, I get blamed (laughs). Sometimes when you winning and you done won so fast — like right now, I’m like a created player (laughs) in an NBA game or something, so I’m frowned upon. You know how people mad when you play with a created player? I’m a created player.”

Switching up his demeanor a bit, the 30-year-old finally sent his condolences to the victims and their families. He also gave a little insight into what he thinks might have happened that night.

“But as far as the situation in New York, condolences to the family and the people who was injured. That’s what I wanted to say. I think it was a situation where someone fell, and people started running, things got out of control and innocent people got hurt. But it wasn’t nothing violent going on. It’s just the internet.”

A determining factor for the stampede has yet to be determined. However, following the incident, authorities reportedly mentioned that they are investigating possible reasons, including “crowd size, shots fired, pepper spray, and more.”

VIBE sends condolences the families of the victims involved.

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