Top 3 most expensive fruits in the world

The most expensive fruit in the world is the Yubari king melon which can cost up to $45,000 a pair. The average Yubari King melon price is around $12,000 per pair, but a pair was once sold for $45,000 at an auction in 2019.

The Yubari king melon is so expensive because of the special growth treatment given to it and it’s a hybrid of other sweet melons. It is grown specially on Hokkaido Island, in greenhouses using volcanic ash, and protected from the harmful rays of the sun with hats.

This special lemon weighs more than an ordinary melon, with an average weight of around 2.5 kilograms. The Yubari King melons are also special as they are perfectly round with a smooth rind, and it is sold to exclusive clients only.

The Ruby Roman grapes are not your regular grapes as it goes for $8,400 per bunch, making them the second most expensive fruits in the world. This special grape is grown in Japan, in Ishikawa Prefecture precisely.

These grapes come in the same size as a ping pong ball, making them larger than the usual grapes and one of the reasons it costs so much.

The Ruby Roman Grapes are barely used like the regular grapes to make wines, you can only get to taste them at Ishikawa Prefecture for a huge price.

The third most expensive fruit in the world is the Densuke watermelon. Only 10,000 of this special watermelon, are produced every year. It is grown in the northern part of Japan on Hokkaido Island and is the world’s most expensive watermelon.

The Densuke watermelon is definitely a fruit for the rich as it costs $6,100 for one. Densuke watermelon is different from your regular watermelon as it is slightly sweeter, weighs around 11 kilograms, and does not have the usual spots and stripes typically found on regular watermelons.

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