Trae Tha Truth Says He Was Racially Profiled After Rolling Loud LA –

Trae Tha Truth claims he was racially profiled on Monday (March 6), following his recent appearance during the inaugural Rolling Loud: Los Angeles Festival.

The Houston native took to Instagram to detail the encounter. “Its Crazy , i Just landed at 6am From LA and out of all Tha people in tha Airport These Officers Decided to Profile me,” wrote Trae, 42.

He continued, “Like i aint see what they was doing… First they threw a dog toy by my bag so the drug dog can sniff it , then they say oh the dog came by yo bag… Then the dog walk off and they ask me Do i Got Dope In My Bag.” When he was approached by the plain-clothed officers on video (below), they’re seen lightly rummaging through the top of his suitcase after saying they were searching for “illegal narcotics.”

The “Here I Go” rapper is overheard saying, “Nah, I’m offended. I just got done doing a concert on tour and you gon’ talk to me about dope. I ain’t never did drugs in my life. I rap. I ain’t never smoke or drink in my life.” The officers then asked him if he was around people who smoke marijuana, attempting to explain an alleged lingering smell on his clothes would set off the canine.

After speaking out on the incident on Instagram, Trae enlisted the help of fans to find the officer in question. “Out of Hundreds of people his a** wanna pick me lol , He got tha right one Today… He thought it was gone be his moment to shine,” he added.

“Imma Help Him Get tha attention and recognition he need… Askin me do I Got Dope , Look how he search tha bag …. Harassing, Discrimination and Profiling….. S**t Got me Hot…. If U Know him Or How to find him off the badge number he said at tha beginning Send me his info or drop it in comments….”

At the time of publication, it’s unclear if the rapper has obtained the requested information, but fans are pointing to several ways the men could’ve planted drugs on him and urged him to “be careful.”

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