Use these 7 tips to be more successful in your workplace

When it comes to the cut-throat world of work, making yourself stand out by delivering successfully on your duties can be all it takes for you to secure a promotion and even keep your job, if your company has to retrench some employees.

Here are 7 tips to become more successful at your job:

1. Know what is expected of you

Every job has a way of measuring productivity and the quality of work produced by employees.

So to become the best at your organisation, know exactly what duties are yours and make sure to execute them as best you can, and hit your KPIs (key performance indicators).

2. Ask for help

A healthy workplace is one where you can express what is on your mind as it pertains to your job, without fear of harsh criticism or harassment.

One of the ways to grow and learn is to ask those who have taken the path before you. Express your desire for their guidance and you might get a goldmine of ideas and skills.

3. Be consistent

As the saying goes, ‘’consistency is key”… Being consistent makes you dependable and reliable to your employer.

Come rain or shine, they know that you will execute your duties and this positions you to be among those they turn to in times of crisis.

4. Be flexible

It is not always smooth sailing in different sectors. At times your line of work might be negatively impacted by outside factors.

This means you should always be ready for whatever happens and be able to be flexible in your approach to work.

5. Evaluate your own work

Don’t wait for your manager to tell you whether your work is up to standard or not. Go over it yourself, and ask if it meets the criteria set by your superiors.

If not, you can take time to rectify errors or deficiencies before your boss even sets eyes on it. This will further increase your employer’s confidence in you.

6. Create healthy boundaries

Work is important and so is your mental health. Create a system where you can be very productive while having time to rest, reset, spend time with loved ones and more.

7. Take initiative

Show that you are a dedicated employee by becoming innovative and introducing different ways to become more productive. This will ensure that your employer has trust in you and you don’t have to be monitored to do your tasks.

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