What A Barman Did When I Took A Lady Out On A Date, His Experience






So yesterday I decided to hangout with this lady.

We went to this bar but unfortunately due to the man united game the place was filled to the brink (Don’t know people still watch Man United  match).

So we had to look for another place that’s how we saw this derelict bar with nobody inside.

We had no choice than to settle there.

The only Drink they had was trophy, just imagine.

I am a very coded person and as I dey with the babe I just dey scope am na so this barman (he’s the type that likes to form familiarity) come stand for our back dey shook mouth for our talk.

Like anything I say to the babe he will just reply and share one nonsense experience he sometimes had, it was so frustrating.

I felt furious, I felt like shouting at him, I just told the babe that we should leave after some minutes.

Like what rubbish, I came to chill codedly with babe, you dey put mouth for our yarn.

If this happens to you will you get angry or was I wrong to be angry because I am an introvert?

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